Successfully Addressing Any Form of Parasitic/Pathogenic Overload Utilizing Your Biofeedback System 

We invite you to take advantage of this special 2-hour live webinar training followed by 30 minutes Q & A with Ingrid Stampe Villadsen in Denmark. Susan Harms will be your host and open this session 30 minutes prior to the start of Ingrid’s presentation to answer a few questions. Total Session time 3 hours

Ingrid was a professor in molecular and microbiology at the Technical University of Denmark. She taught there for over three and a half decades. She has been using biofeedback devices for the past 14 years and currently uses the Indigo Biofeedback System. During her practice she discovered a unique and remarkably successful way of dealing with difficult pathogenic cases—ones where a client’s Bioterrain has become so out of balance—that the client’s natural processes could no longer cope. Ingrid shares her methodology and system for addressing all forms of pathogens, viruses (including Covid), parasites, worms, bacteria and fungi. She will explain how these pathogens/parasites and microorganisms are often the main source of a client’s problems. Incredibly, there are several hundred different potentially infectious microorganisms listed in the software matrix for us to work with.

During this webinar Ingrid will share with you:

  • How pathogens/parasites and microorganisms differ and how they behave.
  • How to find and pinpoint the possible microorganism that is causing a problem or your client.
  • How she utilizes the Rife like program inside the BT panel in her own unique and successful way.
  • How to weaken the microorganism that your client reacts to.
  • How to support the client with nutrients for overall immunity and the absolutely essential ones required to address and defend from covid
  • How the C-scan/Degen/Hamer program has the potential to uncover and address old traumas—Ones your client did not even know existed!